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About Literature / Hobbyist NathanMale/Canada Group :iconthe-rhyming-rhythm: The-Rhyming-Rhythm
Where Rhythm and Rhyme Collide
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Newest Deviations

With so much left unsaid
Here I stand, lost...undead
Your lies were without cost
Without a care for what I lost
Left only with my hate
Blackening my wishful fate
My time is gone, and so are you
If only I knew forever wasn't true
:iconshallow-abyss:Shallow-Abyss 3 10
Overburdened by the past
Memories that wake far too fast
Too easily taken over by hate
Consumed by fear - I cannot awake
Blind me of the world's violence
Let the truth be held in silence
I want to start over new
Insanity, I welcome you
:iconshallow-abyss:Shallow-Abyss 11 4
Help Me
Help Me Escape
Help Me Get Away
Away from the familiar same
Every day, again and again
Burn My Dread
Watch it die and leave it dead
Nothingness I have become
Too much, It's over, I'm done
Something I must befriend
Failure, over and over, again and again
Help Me Get Away
Help Me Find A Way
Hopeful, before it's too late...
:iconshallow-abyss:Shallow-Abyss 2 5
Velvet Lies
As velvet love pours from my betrayed heart
The lines begin to blur; I fall apart
Every last word reeks of lies
Substance renders apparitional ties
Craving release, self-affliction I endure
Endless pain time cannot cure
I must let go, to get it together
But no matter what, I'm stained forever
:iconshallow-abyss:Shallow-Abyss 16 31
A laugh here, a laugh there
A masked truth, nothing's there
Surrounded by people
And yet I'm all alone
Around me so many places
But none to call my own
Solace is all that I ask
But that too, an unachievable task
And what can I do, but just give in
I've lost, but somehow I just keep on living
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:iconshallow-abyss:Shallow-Abyss 5 9
As I Silently Sit Here
As I silently sit here
I wonder when's the next time I'm going to see her
Reflecting on the experiences of the past
Hoping this pain will not last
Monstrosities plague my mind
I doubt her again, another time
But when we talk, it all goes away
A temporary sedative for all that hate
I want her again, I'm no longer afraid
No matter how long, I will always wait
And for her, I sit here silently
Wondering when she'll find me
:iconshallow-abyss:Shallow-Abyss 1 0
Your Beautiful Smile
Your smile lights up my very soul
And ignites what has gone out far too long ago
Your eyes blaze with the sun
Your beauty is unique, unlike anyone
You're too cute to just look at
For full effect, stare and never look back
Time is precious, when it's spent with you
You give me something to cherish and look forward to
Perhaps you already knew
But I really like you
So smile for me, you know it's true
:iconshallow-abyss:Shallow-Abyss 9 4
Within this place, as you lie awake
You begin to realize your mistake
Darkness surrounds you, you are not alone
Everything you thought is now unknown
Your fears come to life, denying you sleep
Sanity becomes almost too hard to keep
But you hold on, it subsides
You're just happy you're alive
Another night, another day
Hope for tomorrow it will go away
:iconshallow-abyss:Shallow-Abyss 44 44
My Infection
My Infection
The pain inside me is like an infection
Killing me with cancerous intentions
Numbing feelings that pass
Burning through a heart I once had
'Til there's nothing left inside
My body's to run cold, deprived
And now I'm lost, dead
Listening to the voices inside my head
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:iconshallow-abyss:Shallow-Abyss 1 0
Nothing Left
Nothing Left
With my heart given no reason to function
My body is but a shell left with nothing
And my mind's slowly going insane
Can't focus on anything but the pain
As tears fall from my eyes
A little more I die
Gaps form in my life
All I knew wasn't right
Realizing the truths and lies
To Myself
And to all I had confide
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:iconshallow-abyss:Shallow-Abyss 1 2
In Pieces
In Pieces
I sit here bleeding inside
Cut clean and thrown aside
I want to tear my heart out
Empty of what I couldn't live without
Afflicting pain consumes me
No feelings left within me
Sleepless, waiting for an end
Time goes, again and again
I hear voices from behind
Laughing as I wait, confined
Then I'm thrown into the abyss
But too soon I reminisce
My torment will continue
But my time is up
Relieved of all I had once loved
:iconshallow-abyss:Shallow-Abyss 4 4

Random Favourites

Im the girl that never cries
Leaning against a wall hidden in all these lies
Wondering why she even tries
Wondering.... how a single person could make her feel like she's dying inside
:iconsaraiyina:Saraiyina 1 13
Broken, fallen
Shattered like glass
Empty, alone
Like so often in the past
Needing, wanting
Left without hope
Forever falling
Forever alone
:iconkura-uchiha:kura-uchiha 6 14
No one
I'm no one special
I'm no one that is needed
I'm no one to be cared for
No one
I'm only a whisper in the wind
Someone you hear calling your name
Do you hear me?
I'm the darkness behind you
The one you look back on but don't see
Did I scare you?
Or did you feel anything?
I'm just a ghost
Walking silently around
There's no one that can see me
No one that can hear my cry for help
No one that can notice me
No one
I'm all alone
Too far away from the world to exist
Simply too far away
But I can't help it I feel happy here
Should I let myself feel this way?
Happy of the thought of being gone?
Of being away?
Away from the madness
Away from the eyes staring me down as I walk down the street
Away from the noise
Just away
I'm no one
And it feels so good
Do I need a reason?
I feel nothing
I'm no one
:icontravisewerwood220:TravisEwerwood220 7 2
So here I now find myself
staring at hands writing out of focus
through falling eyelids and watery tears
as I wait for my next yawn.
I want to sleep.
But through no fault of your own
sleep no longer comes to me.
You've invaded my dreams
over which I have no control.
You haunt my unconscious mind.
You roam it's empty halls;
you make yourself known in every imagined image
yet it is waking from such thoughts
that has become the nightmare...
So for now sleep I must forgo.
:iconnocturnalypso:Nocturnalypso 0 0
Blood my love
The shadows made of night,
Creep into site,
The moon stars a glare,
The stars cannot bare,
The site of messed blood,
The grass stained with crimson red,
Will she lay there dead,
Her heart beats with pain,
Her guy's insane,
Looking down at his girl,
He'll carve her name, My Pearl,
With Blood, my love.
:iconadt-dark-passion:Adt-Dark-Passion 1 9
Infinity by AntonyDream Infinity :iconantonydream:AntonyDream 2 2
The rain cascades, the cold sends a chill
Death is imminent, but the world remains in thrill
I watch my daughter, she cries in vain
Her child so lost and innocent, leaving me sane
She cradles her head within my hands
I caress the night in her hair into various strands
The ridges of my skin on her snow white face
I demand for her smile and a last embrace
Patches of everything I once saw flashing before my eyes
As the world outside faces a battle of the skies
I attempt to choose my words of end
Submission into believing a time line will never bend
Shall I curse this blasphemous world in loss of hope
Shall I damn everything I have not done and mope
I debate with myself to choose wisely and end all well
I plead and pray to be forgiven and escape hell
My child leaves as instructed by others
My grandaughter follows the exit of her brothers
I'm left alone in the last moments of my last day
I have no longer a need to be remembered for what I say
The corner of my eye shows me a colourful path t
:iconageless-illusion:ageless-illusion 1 2
blue sunset by Sfannato blue sunset :iconsfannato:Sfannato 27 2
Everything is silence.
Birth is a whisper
Death is a whimper.
Balconies open
Balconies close
Everything is silence.
Darkness is the
Colour of silence,
Its discovery
Is a re-discovery
Of the womb.
Oval with red-bricks
Filtering the sun
Through emerald eyes,
The womb was
The first origin.
To find darkness
One must devour silence.
To re-emerge
From the darkness
One must obey
Everything it says.
:iconjustin-fenech:justin-fenech 1 0
My Life
My life, as simple and complicated as it can be,
It's just a castle, made of sand and dreams,
My life, the life I live, my shoes, and the shoes I walk in…
Seem not to fit the feet in them; seem not to match with the life itself,
Waves come and go, waves pass and destroy,
Days go by and the nights get colder,
As a empty shell with nothing to protect,
This body I carry walks through life unsure of its path.
Like the leaves in the wind, they come and go, they grow and fall,
Unsure of the day it will be over!
:iconfragm3nt3dmind:fRaGm3nT3dMiNd 1 1
GRG rotation :iconmynameishalo:mynameishalo 16 3
Warnings by OpenSkyArt Warnings :iconopenskyart:OpenSkyArt 3 0
Closer to Heaven
And I silently long to climb within
the frayed lining of your coffin
To rest my head upon decomposed flesh
while you dance above in supernal heights
oblivious to the thief claiming your tomb.
I ache to embrace all that you left behind
to hold you to me so that we can be one.
And I, in my final breaths;
may hear the distant pitter-patter of rain and tears,
the resonating songs of love and mourning,
to feel the love seeping into the ground which imprisons me
And weep for the last time
in the knowledge that beneath the six feet of earth above me..
.. I am the closest to Heaven I ever could have been..
:iconakhenaten-aten:Akhenaten-Aten 5 6
The Spirit of God
The spirit of God is always among you,
But do you know him?
And the whisper of the wind is always with you,
But can you feel it?
The songs of the angels are always singing,
But can you hear them?
Or are you deaf
And are you blind?
Blinded at the start of life,
And never again found the light.
A flower that never dies,
But can you smell it?
A light that's always on,
But can you see it?
A phone that never goes off,
But can you call it?
A spirit that is always  there,
But do you know him?
Can you call out his name in time of help?
Or simply try all by yourself.
But do you know him?
:icondrumlinechick710:drumlinechick710 1 2



Hey I'm trying to start writing again. I recently came back here and started reminiscing on my old works and found myself wishing I could do it all again. My excuse has been the schoolwork I've had, which has been rather daunting, but I've still had time for other things so I'll make time for this. I have completely abandoned my group, of which I have to thank :iconpheonixcrucifix: for accepting deviants artworks for a rather extended amount of time. Thank you ^^. I'm going to start by fixing up some of my more rough and incomplete works and then see what new material I can come up with after that. It won't be the same as my older material.

Well anyways I doubt anyone actually reads these things but I had to get it out anyways. If you are reading, thank you for your time and have a nice day. ^^ Also what are your goals for the new year?
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  • Reading: The Greatest Show On Earth - Richard Dawkins


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
My name is Nathan And I live in Canada. I love to write poetry and enjoy playing video games. Music is my life, and I listen to just about everything. I am very opinionated and like to debate and take sides of often unpopular point of views.

Current Residence: Canada
deviantWEAR sizing preference: S
Favourite genre of music: The various subtypes of Metal particularly symphonic metal and metalcore but I listen to everything from Rock to Pop to Electronic to Classical music
Favourite style of art: Anime, Gothic, Abstract
Operating System: Mac OS X Lion
MP3 player of choice: iPod Touch
Personal Quote: "To be one's self, and unafraid whether right or wrong, is more admirable than the easy cowardice of surrender to conformity"


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